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OMG...SHEisDOPE: Gabby Green

OMG...SHEisDOPE: Gabby Green

She's known as the "Princess of Memphis" and holds her city down to the fullest. Gabby Green is a multi-talented artist who sings, isn't afraid to rap and is definitely next up.

K.Michelle has co-signed Gabby's talents on her show, K. Michelle My Life: Season 3, and that has driven Gabby to go even harder on the music scene. 

Thus far, she's opened up for major acts like Tink, Cardi B, Sevyn Streeter, SZA, Jacquees, R. Kelly, Monica and others.

Currently, Gabby is finding out how to pave her way to the top from being under a contract to now, being an independent artist. This way, she gets to do things her way and seek that her vision materializes according to "God's Plan."

Q: What makes Memphis home? Can you see yourself living anywhere else? 

A: From the people to the food, the culture, music, and my family, Memphis is my first love. I couldn’t be the Princess of Memphis without caring for my city, and wanting it to be at its greatest potential at all times. I just love where I come from. Although I could see myself living somewhere else, I could never see myself being as invested as I am in Memphis. I want to build this city up and make sure it stays up for generations to come. It will always be home.

Q: What’s the major difference between working independently and under a label?

“I’m embracing the boss in me...”
— -Gabby Green

A: Freedom. Now I’ve never been signed to a label, but I have gone to school for Music Business and I’ve been networking in the music industry since 2012, so I’ve learned a few things. I like being independent because I don’t have to wait for anyone else’s approval for what I want to do. I have complete creative control of all of my music. I direct my own videos. I work with stylists and create looks I want to wear. Everything I do is my own vision. The only downside to being independent, in my eyes, is lack of funds, resources, or support if anything goes wrong. If you sign to a label, you’ll have lots of support and plenty of money, but the question is is it worth giving up the right to control your own career?


Q: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from music school?

A: The most important thing I’ve learned from music school is to never sign any paperwork without letting a REAL lawyer read over it first. That’s on the business tip. Musically, the most important thing I took away was how to listen. A smart singer always listens.

Q: Being co-signed by K.Michelle is huge! What was your initial reaction?

A: Thank you, so much. Everything happened so fast I really didn’t know what to think, but I do know I was grateful to be where I was and felt blessed to have experienced everything I did. It definitely felt good to have a woman from my city like K. Michelle say so many positive things about me and vouch for me and tell the whole world about how talented I am. She opened a lot of doors for me and gave me a platform. That was a great feeling, especially being in college at the time and not knowing exactly how everything would play out. It was like a confirmation that everything is falling in place and I’m on the right track.

Q: Who have you enjoyed opening up for the most?

A: I’ve opened up for a lot of people, but I have to say my most recent performance at the Hip Hop Festival this year has been my favorite. Being able to open for Cardi B was so inspirational for me because I got to experience her on a more personal level, which is what any artist dreams of when it comes to meeting icons in the industry. If you don’t know an artist or “celebrity” personally, it’s super unlikely to experience them one on one, and 2017 was such a big year for her, so it was a blessing to be able to meet her at that time. She’s amazing.

Q: Do you think you would be singing today if you never started singing in church?

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A: Definitely not. Everything I do, and everything I am, ultimately reverts back to God. He is the reason I am successful in what I do because He chose this path for me. I didn’t wake up and start wanting to do music, it was in me since before I even knew how to read. I always give God ALL of the glory, because I couldn’t have achieved anything without Him directing my path.

Q: What’s your favorite dance from Memphis? 

A: The “Shoot” dance by Bloc, of course! Wouldn’t even be right if I said anything else.

Q: Who on your team can you count on for anything?

A: My sister, Ciara. She always comes through for me. She's my assistant, my accountant, my consultant, my manager all in one. I love her so much because she has shown me nothing but genuine love and support since day one. She’s always there when I need her, and she's always riding for me. If I give her a task I don't have to think twice about her getting it done exactly how I need it. I was blessed with this one because people like Ciara are hard to find. I’d go to war about her, without asking questions. Period.

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Q: Congrats on winning “Best Female R&B Artist of the Year” at the Memphis Hip Hop Awards! Did winning that category solidify or confirm your talents for you?

A: Thank you!!! I wouldn’t say it confirmed my talents for me, but it did confirm the fact that my city is behind me. I wouldn’t have felt any type of way if any of the other artists won that category, but it meant a lot to me to know that my city feels the same way about me, that I do myself. I go so hard for Memphis it's like a sigh of relief knowing Memphis goes hard for me too.

Q: What’s the concept behind the “Russian Cream Remix” video? 

A: The "Russian Cream Remix" video is soooooooo dope! I got some of Memphis’ finest to come showcase how dope Memphis is, like Tru Dexter, The Savages, YKOM, and Nia Dorsey. The concept behind the video isn’t really “deepbecause it’s not that type of bop but you’re gonna have to wait to see it for yourself!!! Y'all thought yall had me there, huh? (haha, it was a nice try, right Gabby?) 🤣 🤣 

Q: What code do you live by, no matter what?

A: For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. - Mark 11:23-24

Q: What can we expect from you this year? 

A: This year everyone can expect GROWTH. Growth in success, my music, my visuals, my platform, my audience, everything. We got bigger budgets this year, and bigger stomachs so expect me to EAT. A LOT. I’m embracing the boss in me if nothing else this year so just expect a whole lot of big boss moves to be made, the Princess way 👸🏽. 

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Q: Who is responsible for your outfits? What look do you prefer?

A: Ultimately, I am responsible for my outfits, but I do work with designers and stylists all over Memphis who get me right every time. My Instagram is like my blog when it comes to my looks. I always tag my stylists and designers. And I always switch up what I wear and my hairstyle. I have two preferred looks, which is sexy... and street. I love Kim Kardashian’s look, which is what I prefer sexy because it’s simple, yet elegant, but urban at the same time. And street, to me, is more like an Aaliyah vibe. It’s tomboyish, and a little hood, but feminine, and sensual too.

Q: Which artists have influenced your music the most? 

A: Beyonce, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Kim Burrell, Durand Bernarr, Sabrina Claudio, Jhene Aiko, Jazmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, J. Cole, and Tink. The list really goes on and on...

Follow Gabby on Instagram @iamgabbygreen to stay in the know about her upcoming moves.

Thank you, Gabby for blessing SHEisDOPE with your talent and vibe. SiD is proud to acknowledge you and your music. Good luck with your future!

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