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To Bae, or Not to Bae? Pt. 1: Gift Guide

To Bae, or Not to Bae? Pt. 1: Gift Guide

When it comes down to Valentine's Day, you're either a woman that loves receiving gifts or the self-righteous type who thinks it's a stupid holiday. Some single women mope around because they're lonely, taken women mope around because their lover isn't giving them enough attention and some just don't give a flying you know what.

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Despite the type of Valentine's gal you might be, sales are always going on and you don't need a bae to shop!

Everyone could use a little retail therapy and SiD is going to share some of the dopest and cutest gift ideas.

Below: Sam Edelman pompom pumps, Celine cateye sunglasses, and Jonquil lace bodysuit.

Shoe: Vans Authentic Platform, Perfume: Gucci Bloom, Bag: Kate Spade tote, Watch: Olivia Burton

Bodysuit: Belle Lily $14, Lipstick: Mac x Nicki Minaj- On sale for $10!!!

Give a Little Wow: Valentine's Day is Wednesday, February 14. Shop Now at NORDSTROM.

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Sneaker: adidas women's Gazelle, Sock: TopShop, 

Bracelet: Mantraband, Speaker: Bose Soundlink Micro

So, whether you're dating or single af, there's something for every dope girl. To take a look at more of Nordstrom's Valentine's gifts, click the button below.

OMG...SHEisDOPE: Chanel Chase

OMG...SHEisDOPE: Chanel Chase

OMG...SHEisDOPE: Tiara Monique

OMG...SHEisDOPE: Tiara Monique