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"Don't F*%$ Up the Feng Shui!"

"Don't F*%$ Up the Feng Shui!"

On Dec. 16, A KiD named CuDi released Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'. We've all seen the memes showing excitement for Cole, Gambino and Cudi. But, this is by far my favorite. Am I biased? Perhaps, because Kid Cudi is my favorite artist point, blank, period. 

Well, it's only right that I give you the history. I found Cudi at a lonely time in my life...this was the summer of '08 and my best friend was about to have a baby and I had no one to share shit with. This is back when imeem was poppin', so I had the playlist game on fleek! Anyways, I stumbled upon "Day 'N Nite," the Crookers remix version. It was really happy/electricifying and I loved it. At this point, I'm like who tf is Kid Cudi. I was soon to find out who this hipster dude was.

I found his mixtape...and I was constantly saying, "Plain Pat, what up?" and I put all my homies on. I knew instantly that I was a fan and ever since I've had a bond with him that's inexplicable.

Now---flash forward to now with his latest release. So, if you are a fan you've already heard a few of these tracks including: "All in," "Baptized in Fire," "Frequency," and "Surfin.'" Which is cool, because that still left us with 15 unheard tracks of pure, hot, fiyah!

Since the album is so new and I haven't done any lyric analysis, all I can go by are sounds and vibes. Based off of that these are my favorite tracks:

  1. "By Design" ft. Andre Benjamin
  2. "Rose Golden" ft. Willow Smith
  3. "Swim in the Light"
  4. "Kitchen"

The album takes you to another planet and that's always expected from give you sounds that your ears crave. All I can say is I'm in love again. Thank you Mescudi for sharing your gift with the world.





Flashing...Lights, Lights!

Flashing...Lights, Lights!